Riesling Kabinett Veldenzer Elisenberg 2016


Riesling Kabinett Veldenzer Elisenberg


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12 x 750ml
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Vin tranquille
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Riesling 100 %
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Le domaine Max Ferdinand Richter possède une longue et riche histoire. Le domaine est la propriété de la famille Richter depuis plus de 300 ans. De style baroque, la maison familiale construite en 1774 est toujours debout! En 1975, Dirk Marx Ferd. Richter, diplômé en économie, a rejoint l’entreprise et est maintenant devenu le « visage » du domaine. Avec 13,7 hectares de terres et une production annuelle de 10 500 caisses, Max Ferd. Richter est l’un des producteurs de riesling les...

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Revues de presse

Wine Advocate

- 93 points -

Stephan Reinhardt, Avril 2018

From another tributary of the Mosel, the 2016 Elisenberger Riesling Kabinett is from slate soils rich in quartzite. The wine opens with clean and flinty but also ripe and concentrated fruit on the nose, intermixed with crunchy slate flavors. Lush, piquant, very salty and stunningly pure and fresh, this is a very fine, elegant and unique Mosel Riesling that has a bit of the precision and mineral character of an Eiswein. The grapes are picked seven to ten days later than the Himmelreich Kabinett, and the acidity is super clear and precise, cutting through the concentrated fruit like a laser sword. This is a very promising Kabinett, perhaps the finest of the 2016 vintage chez MFR.

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- 92 points -

Janvier 2018

Scents and bright palate profusion of fresh lime, white peach and red currant put me in mind of a Ruwer Riesling. The delicate palate and consummately refreshing finish are transparent to stony underpinnings and incisive impingements of raw ginger. And here is one of those many instances where high quartzite content for whatever reason correlates with salinity, which in the present instance practically milks the salivary glands. If this libation doesn’t leave you invigorated, you might want to check with your doctor. (The newly revived antique label for this wine styles it merely as “Elisenberger,” although the official label conforms with German Wine Law in referring to “Veldenzer Elisenberg.”)

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Mosel Fine Wines

93+ Points

Juillet 2017

The Elisenberg Kabinett AP27 was made from fruit harvested at 81° Oechsle. It offers a stunning nose of white peach, mint, peach and ginger. The wine develops a stunning balance with pear, ginger and fine herbs and spices on the palate. The finish is salty, refined and superbly light-featured yet packed with flavors. This is a stunning Kabinett in the making but one which will need a few years to develop its full balance. It could even exceed our high expectations if it maintains the tension and finesse of the aromatics. What a stunning piece of Kabinett in the making.

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