Aristos (meaning noble or excellent in Ancient Greek) is a partnership between world renowned Burgundian Louis Michel Liger Belair, famed Chilean Terroir export Pedro Parra and one of Chile’s most awarded and cutting edge winemakers, Francois Massoc. Louis Michel and Francois met while studying for a master’s degree in Dijon. Pedro and Francois grew up in the same town in southern Chile and have been friends for over 30 years. Aristos is the realisation of their dream to create a Burgundian style wines in Chile, specifically limestone based soils and a cool, fresh climate from Altitude. Given that most of the best Chilean terroir is granitic with cooling winds from the Ocean, they had quite a task ahead of them. In 2006, they came across the town of Coya, a very small town high up in the Andes. It had everything they were looking for limestone soils and cool temperatures! Coya is located in the Cachapoal Andes D.O., with altitudes ranging from 2460ft to 3200 ft. The team make three different wines all based on different soil types. Duque is a Cabernet Sauvignon from sandy, limestone, gravelly soils. Baron is a Cabernet Sauvignon from sandy, limestone, gravelly and alluvial soils and Duquesa Chardonnay is from alluvial limestone and gravelly soils.

Reviews for this winery

Wine Advocate

I looked up what I said last year about this wine, and the same comparison had also come to mind: Coche-Dury. This is simply superb, world-class Chardonnay.....If the reds of Aristos are phenomenal, the whites are other wordly, really world-class Chardonnays. This is a joint-venture between Pedro Parra, François Massoc and Louis-Michel Liger-Belair from Burgundy. Among the best in Chile today.

Luis Gutiérrez , December 2015