Francis Ford Coppola has a long family history with wine making. He was first exposed to the wine making process while growing up in New York. During this time, his grandfather and uncles would make wine in the basement of their apartment using the grapes that they had shipped in from California.
In 1962, Francis met his wife Eleanor on the set of his first feature film. The two later moved to San Francisco and subsequently became the owners of a substantial and beautiful wine estate. Eleanor and Francis have now been married for over 50 years and continue to live on their first vineyard estate with their family. The Coppola’s used this vineyard to raise their children and have centered their wines around family members and their life experiences. Since introducing its first vineyard, The Coppola family has expanded into both the Napa and Sonoma Valleys.
When the Coppola family created its winery resort in Sonoma County, they enlisted the help of Sonoma County native and head winemaker Corey Beck. He went on to create Director’s Cut, a selection of wines named after the director’s edited version of a film. These wines were crafted to reflect the company winemaker’s passion and knowledge of local wines.
Francis Ford Coppola has stated that when developing his winery resort he envisioned the Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen. These gardens were the foundation for modern day amusement parks and were also an inspiration for the Coppola resort. The vision behind the resort is similar to the Coppola’s vision for their wines. Individuals who visit the resort are invited to celebrate their love of life with family and friends through food, wine, and a variety of activities.


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