When Laura Catena decided to create a line of wines of her very own, she made a conscious decision to pay tribute to the traditional, small, family, growers and to a group of special vineyard sites in Mendoza, Argentina. The name La Posta refers to La Posta del Viñotero – ‘the Tavern of the Grape Grower’, found in every local village where farmers go to get their mail after a hard day in the vineyards. There, they meet to drink wine, laugh, and tell stories, agreeing to agree or disagree about whose grapes are best. Fiercely independent and ferociously proud, these growers have laboured in their vineyards for generations with little or no recognition, other than the simple satisfaction hard work brings. Laura Catena chooses to honour the hard work and dedication of the small winegrowing families of Mendoza with her La Posta wines. Assembling a small, dedicated team, including head winemaker Luis Reginato, her mission is to showcase the passion and hard work of individual growers while rewarding them for taking a leap of faith. In return for buying into a program of lower yields and greater attention in the vineyard to achieve the best quality possible, some of the labels proudly wear growers’ names. This is also in honour of the spirit of integrity and determination rooted in generations of Mendoza winegrowing families. The gorgeous retro Art Deco labels also harken back to Argentina’s golden era, an historic time of cultural and financial prosperity. La Posta wines are full of character, reflective of their terroir and the grape growing traditions of the families behind them. One taste and you will welcome these growers into your own families, into your glass, and into your heart.