The Latour-Giraud estate has been established in the village of Meursault for many generations. Focused primarily on Meursault, the estate owns an impressive range of Premier Cru and Villages vineyards between 20 and 50+ years old, such as the largest Premier Cru Genevrières vineyard in which two thirds of the vines are more than 50 years old. Latour-Giraud specializes in white burgundy, which accounts for 80% of their production. They own an impressive 2 ha within Mersault, and also have holdings of Puligny-Montrachet Champs Canet and red vineyards in Pommard, Volnay, Maranges and Meursault Caillerets. In the 1990s, with the arrival of the genial and perfectionist winemaker Jean-Pierre Latour, the estate has undergone "true cultural revolution". In a major commitment to improving quality, Jean-Pierre upgraded the quality of his new barrel program and adopted lutte raisonnée, primarily organic agricultural practices, in the vineyards. He cut yields to 25-35 hectoliters per hectare and began working with Patrick Lesec in the 1994 vintage to master the art of non-interventionist wine-making. Dès lors, la qualité des vins de Jean-Pierre s’est améliorée pratiquement tous les ans. Jean-Pierre ferments 100% free-run juice with wild yeasts. The Premier Cru wines are aged in 40-70% new barrels depending on the character of the wine and the vintage. During ageing, the wines are kept on their lees as long as possible and racking is kept to a minimum. They are fined, but not filtered, and bottled by hand. Jean-Pierre carefully monitors each wine and bottles only when he deems them ready over the course of a six month period. Jean-Pierre is known as one of Meursault’s best winemakers. His wines are classic white Burgundies: intense and concentrated, stylish and powerful, layered and balanced.

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"I'm not sure if Latour has yet been properly recognized as one of the most thoughtful and intelligent producers in the village."

September 2014