The Trimbach family has a long and storied history in Alsace. Growers since the 17th century the estate is now in the hands of its 12th generation, where brothers Pierre and Jean Trimbach run the day to day operations. Pierre has been responsible for the vineyards and winemaking since 1985 and Jean has served as Trimbach’s global Ambassador responsible for sales from that same year; tirelessly travelling the globe to promote both Trimbach and Alsatian wine as a whole. There is a plurality of styles in Alsace which is sometimes simplified to a dichotomy of “Dry” versus “Opulent” or some might say sweet. Trimbach falls firmly in, and may very well be the benchmark producer of the “Dry” camp. That said the Trimbach style is about much more than being dry. Pierre finds the notion that one could use “dryness” or an absence of sugar as a sign of quality to be reductive and simplistic. The key is balance. The Trimbach style is to make elegant, structured, beautifully balanced wines that just happen to be both dry and full of fruit. These wines are capable of long aging due to the combination of great sites, exceptional farming and judicious, thoughtful winemaking. The quality of the wines has garnered the estate almost universal acclaim. The lengthy list of achievements include claiming a spot on the wine lists of every single Michelin 3-star restaurant in France. Pierre Trimbach was named one of the Top 10 White Wine Producers in the world by Decanter Magazine in 2006, and in 2016, was elected as one of the 10 Masters of Riesling in the world by Michel Bettane, a top French wine journalist (Bettane & Desseauve Guide). Anne Trimbach, who bears the title La Madone du Riesling, was also elected as one of the 200 most influential wine personalities in December 2015 by La Revue du Vin de France.

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During my visit, the usual Trimbach stars (Clos and the Fréderic Emile) shone brightly, but I found the entry-level wines (Muscat, Sylvaner, Pinot Blanc) to be also especially noteworthy.

March 2017

British Columbia